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India and Indians

India and Indians

India is a land of rich heritage and culture, multiple languages, customs and traditions. With over a billion citizens, it is no surprise that there are many varied political and social aspirations within the country.

The biggest threat India faces in its march towards becoming a major nation is not an external one. Neither an unfriendly neighbour or a regional separatist movement poses the biggest hurdle to India’s progress. India’s most significant Achilles heel is the sheer lack of knowledge of India’s past and society by its ordinary citizens. Many Indians remain unaware of the many different elements in India’s history, which have contributed towards modern India. From the Kushans, Greeks and Romans, to the Persians and Indian Ocean traders, to the Afghans and the Mughals, to the British, Portuguese and French, many have enriched India. This ignorance of the common Indian is exploited by a range of forces,  including the right-wing , casteist, pseudo-religious and pseudo-nationalist, to spread webs of distrust and suspicion, to further self-serving agendas.

This blog hopes to serve as a signpost to the interested and contemplative Indian,  who wishes to search for answers on the true history and heritage of India. A past that all Indians should learn from, for those who do not learn from the past have no future.


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