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The Story of Madras

This short book by Glyn Barlow is available free on the Amazon Kindle store as well as in multiple e-book formats via the free Project Gutenberg project.

A Britisher’s short account of the history of Madras published in the early 20th century, it traces the origins of Madras from the early negotiations of the British with local rulers to its prominent role in British India in the 20th century. It contains many interesting vignette’s of information. For example, modern day George Town, in which one finds famous British remnants such as the Madras Central Railway Station, the Ripon Building, the Southern Railway Headquarters and Madras Medical College, was originally known for centuries as “Black Town”. The White Town was located in and around Fort St. George. Black Town was only rechristened George Town when King George V visited India in 1911. This was the only time that a British emperor or empress ever visited the Jewel in the Crown, India.

Here is the link to Project Gutenberg and the book:

The Story of Madras


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